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Audisi ONE at Radio M Utrecht

All new radio automation and a new digital audio platform. Radio M Utrecht successful completed these two major projects this summer. The regional broadcaster for Utrecht has chosen Audisi ONE as a successor to CoSTAR. DHD Series 52 has replaced the RM4200 platform. The need to renew playout and audio platform was evident for a very long time, but renewal plans were delayed due to uncertain future plans for regional broadcasters.

From CoSTAR to Audisi ONE
Radio M Utrecht used CoSTAR for years. This system was no longer supported and could only work on old hardware. The broadcaster launched a comprehensive investigation into new software for all playout needs. Managers, technicians, presenters and DJs have been visiting a few broadcasters. They presented their findings to the management by means of an assessment system. Audisi ONE proved to be the best system for both Radio M Utrecht and Utrecht city broadcaster Bingo FM.

Huge project
"The introduction of Audisi ONE is a huge project for the station," said coordinator of broadcast technology Erik Veuger. "We did extensive research so we could make a decision that everyone supports. After the management made the final decision we purchased the prescribed hardware and built the system with Audisi. This means a migration of the CoSTAR database, installation of GML on-air applications in three on-air studios and installation of GML-Planner in the production studios. The editors use GML-Spotter to add or modify items."
Two technicians took care of the configuration of the station grids. The grid is the basis for layout and import of rundowns for nonstop, commercial break planning and live assist.
Since 2010 the Audisi GML system has been in use at Bingo FM, an independent broadcaster, but part of RTV Utrecht. The Audisi CAB codec management has been in use at Radio M Utrecht and Bingo FM since 2004.

DHD Series 52
While replacing CoSTAR by Audisi ONE, Radio M Utrecht also renewed the DHD platform. Audisi took care of the entire configuration of the system. The 4200 frame had been replaced by a 52 series but stayed active for a short time to enable a smooth transition.

A 52/TX Touch Mixer is placed at the desk of the editors. To pay attention to the costs, they use one TX at two GML workplaces.

New: Voice track mode
Radio M Utrecht and Bingo FM work extensively with prerecorded voice tracks. GML now supports a new feature: the voice track mode. Combined with a digital mixing console (e.g. DHD and Axia), recording a voice track works in the same way as a live program is presented. The fader movements are also stored in the voice track so that the GML-Blaster and GML-Player use these volumes while playing the mix transition. Erik Veuger: "The way voice track mode was implemented has been one of the reasons for our company to choose Audisi ONE. The integration between the mixing consoles, GML and the self supporting DJ was a decisive factor."