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Armin van Buuren

The GML-Browser, which is part of the Audisi ONE platform, is an important component in Armin van Buuren's new studio which opened last week. Armin uses GML-Browser for playout of all audio and visuals during ‘A State Of Trance’. The opening of the studio coincided with the anniversary of the 800th broadcast, which could be watched worldwide via YouTube and Facebook.

photo: © Floris Heuer

Visual radio

Especially for Armin's new studio the control of visual radio is renewed and extended. New features in the Audisi ONE platform allow better control of the video switcher and remote control of PTZ cameras, so presets can be loaded and switched automatically.

All over IP

The GML cart players integrate to the DHD Series 52 mixing console via network, so start buttons and tallies are easy to configure and work very reliable. Audio playout into the DHD mixer is done via IP using Dante. The configuration of DHD in combination with ONE and visual radio was also built by Audisi. Armin is a longtime fan of Audisi software. Therefore, in his new multimedia studio, Audisi ONE is a logical choice for creating radio and television content.