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Den Haag FM

The local broadcaster in The Hague was able to fully digitize all transmission lines with the arrival of Audisi ONE. The on-air switching of studios, incoming connections to Den Haag FM, the open channel Den Haag Totaal and a separate feed for sports broadcasting in collaboration with Midvliet FM, is now handled by rundowns in GML Players that have direct control over the DHD audio matrix. This replaces old analog circuitry by a luxury matrix mixer without expansion or purchasing new equipment. Switching of studios and external feeds is always in sync with the schedule in the rundown.

First Audisi ONE user

At the start of 2016 Den Haag FM was the first station that made the transition to Audisi ONE. All CAB, GML and RDS applications are now connected to the ONE Server. The benefits of this far-reaching form of integration are obvious. The CAB-Controller can now show the countdown time from a GML-Player in commercial block mode.


Since the successful integration of all Audisi applications into one platform, Den Haag FM was immediately enthusiastic. Viktor Alders, technical manager at Den Haag FM sees great potential for the future: “Soon we can finally show the connection names from CAB on the faderlabel of the DHD mixing console. Very nice for the self-support presenter.” Viktor is king in baking cakes, but does not like spaghetti. Luckily for him, the amount of cabling is reduced considerably!

The CAR of The Hague FM with a proud Viktor Alders.