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Groot Nieuws Radio

This May, the Christian radio station for the Netherlands will move to a larger facility in Veenendaal. In two all-new studios the self-op talents will play all music, jingles and commercials using Audisi ONE applications.


Audisi ONE was selected by Groot Nieuws Radio because it offers more than just playout. Production, automatic import of audio with processing, logging programs for rebroadcast or podcasts, all within one integrated platform. Another benefit is the database connection with Music Master, making music scheduling become much more efficient. The full integration of Audisi ONE with the DHD Series 52 mixer makes self-support work very pleasant.

The new studios of Groot Nieuws Radio are housed in this building. 


Nando Kok, music director at Groot Nieuws Radio, is already excited about the new opportunities that will be available in the new building: “The flexible integration with DHD is an absolute plus. The presenter works with one playlist, one rundown. The smooth interfacing with other systems like Pluxbox, it makes us very happy.” Audisi supplies and installs the ONE software, configures the DHD system and trains the staff. After a brief training the presenters can get to work in the new studios with full confidence. Groot Nieuws Radio broadcasts 24 hours a day via Internet, DAB+ and AM 1008 kHz.