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NOS - Dutch Television

Audisi ONE at NOS Television

The Achtuurjournaal (Eight O’clock evening News), Studio Sport (Sports) and Jeugdjournaal (Youth news) use Audisi ONE for all audio connections and audio playback

Audisi ONE + VSM
The link between Audisi ONE and VSM, LAWO's powerful control software, was designed especially for NOS. Both systems are interconnected to complement each other. Audis ONE controls equipment that VSM doesn't handle. NOS uses Audisi ONE components CAB for connections and GML for audio playback.

According to André Rotgans, Audio specialist at NOS, the 'square' VSM - Audisi ONE - Riedel - DHD is the ultimate combination of smart systems. André says: "The choice to use Audisi ONE for live television also, is based on the good experiences with CAB at Radio 1. We use that system for management and routing of telephone hybrids and codecs since 2005".

Connections with CAB

In the studio, the CAB-Controller is the remote control of AVT TH-6 hybrids, Prodys ProntoNet codecs, Comrex Access Racks and Skype using ONE-Drivers. Once a connection is made or received on a device, any desired return signal can be selected. In the background VSM provides crosspoints in the DHD Series 52 audio matrix and talkback via Riedel intercom. This way return circuits are set automatically with the right studio cleanfeed including IFB. VSM slaves behind a ONE-Driver in this setup.

Fader Routing in CAB
The second special request by NOS was Fader Routing. With this option in CAB, connections (so-called UNIs) can be allocated to corresponding faders on the mixer. Thereby technicians no longer need to select a devive from a large pool. Once a device is dragged to any of the four UNI-positions in the CAB-Controller, the device name will be published on the corresponding fader of the mixer and on the Riedel intercom. In the near future it will be even better: the name of the reporter or correspondent is also shown in the label. This principle works with any digital mixing console from Lawo, Axia and DHD.

Playout with GML
The audio of the leaders and bumpers is played by the GML-Browser. Before the start of each broadcast, a bank containing a set of jingles is loaded into the players. Due to the connection between GML and the video mixer via VSM, the start of an audio jingle is perfectly synchronized with the start of a video.

Reliability and in-depth knowledge of systems are important arguments to work with Audisi. André Rotgans: "To install new software, we have a very short time slot in which we can work. The studios are almost 24/7 in use, so it must be right the first time we update".