GML = Broadcast automation

Radio is evolving. More output on multiple media is desired from less people with lower budgets. This requires all information to be up to date, available everywhere and broadcasts by one person in a complex studio. GML helps your self-op talents to be in control at all times and focus on their rundown while all technical stuff is taken care of.

GML provides one really integrated system as it combines broadcast hardware with imports, planning, playout, recording, exports and control in a fast and easy to use set of applications. It allows many people to work on content and planning of multiple stations or feeds and using live updates so anyone will see all changes to information instantly without manual reloads.

Create and use content anywhere, follow any workflow you like and integrate with 3rd party systems to make your valuable metadata available to your public. Connect over the Internet to bring last minute content with live updates to the studio. Publish fast and make it all sound great by using integrated audio processing.